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The Benefits of Having No Minimum Order

Ordering T­ shirts might already seem like a hassle, with figuring out the design and the price, but a lot of companies make it more difficult by requiring minimum orders. It can be difficult when you have screen printing needs for a small group of people. It can often be too expensive to buy for small groups, since you have to buy so many extras! At Express Press, we have no minimum orders which can be extremely beneficial in a number of situations: ● Last minute gifts­ You thought of a great T­shirt idea and you want to get it made just in time
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Make Your Own Shirt With Our Free Online Design Studio

There’s nothing like creating your own T ­shirt to add a little extra fun to an event, and with the online design studio at Express Press, it’s a snap to make your own shirt. So whether you’re having a church event, you’re a sports team or you’re looking for shirts for camp, your design experience starts with us. Our design studio allows you to upload images, select the print location on the shirt and even offers you clip art and design ideas to select from. The options are nearly endless when it comes to making custom T ­shirts. In addition, if you want to create
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Are Embroidered Shirts A Good Fit For You?

With so many options, it is easier than ever to incorporate what you want when it comes to custom embroidered shirts. No matter what type of business you have, custom embroidering on a shirt is a great addition to your marketing tools. Custom Embroidery is great for: Non­profit groups School employees and students Banks Grocery stores Restaurants Small business owners Car Sales The list could go forever because custom embroidered shirts are great for so many different types of groups, businesses and organizations. Gain recognition by turning employees into a proud walking advertisement. And don’t forget to give away some of those shirts so
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