The Benefits of Having No Minimum Order

Ordering T­ shirts might already seem like a hassle, with figuring out the design and the price, but a lot of companies make it more difficult by requiring minimum orders. It can be difficult when you have screen printing needs for a small group of people. It can often be too expensive to buy for small groups, since you have to buy so many extras! At Express Press, we have no minimum orders which can be extremely beneficial in a number of situations:

● Last minute gifts­ You thought of a great T­shirt idea and you want to get it made just in time for a friend’s birthday. We pride ourselves with our fast and effective customer service.

● Family reunions/events­ We can print all kinds of products for your family gathering including: T­shirts, aprons, hoodies, hats and much more! It doesn’t matter if you have a huge family or a small one, we can cater to everyone’s T­shirt printing needs.

● Sports Teams­ You are a part of a local sports team but you don’t need a ton of shirts­ we can do just the right amount to represent your team in a budget friendly way!

● Clubs­ Getting T­shirts printed or other products to show you are a part of something is a great way to advertise and promote your club.

● Schools­ It’s great to show school pride. With no minimum orders, you can have just the right amount made for the next pep rally that works with limited school budgets.

● Custom products­
Have you ever had an inside joke with one of your friends and wanted to get something that represented it? Or maybe just a unique idea that you have never seen sold anywhere? Express Press not only has no minimum orders, but we also do custom made designs with our free in ­house graphic design team. You can work with us to make sure the product you want screen printed is completely customized.

Contact Express Press at (417) 869-­3849 today to place your next order for custom T­shirt printing!

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