Are Embroidered Shirts A Good Fit For You?

With so many options, it is easier than ever to incorporate what you want when it comes to custom embroidered shirts. No matter what type of business you have, custom embroidering on a shirt is a great addition to your marketing tools. Custom Embroidery is great for:

  • Non­profit groups
  • School employees and students
  • Banks
  • Grocery stores
  • Restaurants
  • Small business owners
  • Car Sales

The list could go forever because custom embroidered shirts are great for so many different types of groups, businesses and organizations. Gain recognition by turning employees into a proud walking advertisement. And don’t forget to give away some of those shirts so others can display your company or organization’s logo to further your marketing reach.

Important things to remember about Express Press:

We print on all apparel items from T­ shirts to aprons, from hoodies to hats. We have super ­competitive prices. We are fast. There are no minimum order requirements.

Printing options are vast with ability to embroider on the sides, sleeves, upside down and more. Colors, sizes and items can be mixed and matched to whatever you chose. Here at Express Press, we take your idea and turn it into reality with our free, full time Graphic Arts

Department. Every order is custom tailored to what you want. Express Press has been in Springfield, MO since 1981 and is ready to meet all your screenprinting needs. Whether you know exactly what you want or have no idea and would like our expertise in creating the perfect item for you, we can make it happen and with quality service, competitive prices and fast turnarounds year in and year out. Get your business or organization more noticed and looking like a cooperative team with custom embroidered shirts at­ Give us a call today at 417­ 869­3849.

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