Make Your Own Shirt With Our Free Online Design Studio

There’s nothing like creating your own T ­shirt to add a little extra fun to an event, and with the online design studio at Express Press, it’s a snap to make your own shirt. So whether you’re having a church event, you’re a sports team or you’re looking for shirts for camp, your design experience starts with us.

Our design studio allows you to upload images, select the print location on the shirt and even offers you clip art and design ideas to select from. The options are nearly endless when it comes to making custom T ­shirts. In addition, if you want to create a design on both the front and the back of the shirt, you can do that as well. It’s all up to you and your creative vision. One of the great thing that happens when you design your own T ­shirts is that your group turns into a team. Wearing the same shirt helps a group bond and certainly adds a little fun to your activities, and it adds to the memories that will last a lifetime. When it is time to design your own T ­shirt, you might want to consider making it a project that the kids can help with. You can incorporate their ideas or even have a contest for the best design. Either way, the kids will enjoy it and really get a kick out of seeing their designs come to life on a T ­shirt that everyone is wearing.

If you’ve got several age groups you’re working with, such as you’d find at a summer camp or a church event, you might want to consider having a contest for each age group. You can select an overall theme and then let them get to work. Whether you do the designing yourself or have your group get involved, creating and designing a T­shirt can be a lot of fun, and seeing everyone wear the final product can provide a real sense of accomplishment. When you need to design a shirt in the Springfield, MO area or anywhere around the country, check out Express Press. We’re here to help. Whether you need a couple of shirts or hundreds, we have got you covered, so don’t wait. Give us a call today 417­-869-­3849.

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