How Do Screen Printing Machines Work?

How Do Screen Printing Machines Work?

Screen printing is a great, cost effective way to create a customized product, but how exactly does your creation come to life? There are actually quite a few steps needed to transfer your design onto fabric. With screen printing, as opposed to other ways of printing design on fabric, the ink sits on top of the shirt, instead of seeping through. This really allows for the colors of your design to pop!

Before the screen printing process can really begin, you need a design. Here at Express Press in Springfield, MO, we’re there for you every step of the way to make sure you are satisfied with your design. You can use our online design studio to help make your vision come to life on fabric. After you have your design, then, you must choose where on the fabric you want the design to be printed. This is completely up to you and really allows you to customize your design. We can print on shirts, aprons, hats and more. The design possibilities, colors and placements are virtually endless!

Once your design is set, it is separated into the different colors of the design. The more colors there are in the design, the more steps need to be taken to create the final product. A different screen will be etched for each color of the design. The screen can be etched manually or through exposure involving lights and chemicals. The etched screen will look like a negative print of your design, which is basically a customized stencil that will be used to distribute the ink onto the fabric.

Once the screens are made, they are placed on the fabric and the ink is applied. If your design has more than one color, each screen will be placed in the order that makes the most sense for your design; to have the colors come out perfectly. The ink is then applied to the design one color at a time by being squeezed across the screen so the ink only seeps through the screen where there are holes in the stencil. When the screen is separated from the fabric, the ink will be left on the fabric only in the appropriate places. This process is repeated for each color in the design. Once the ink seeps through in the specified areas of each screen, your completed design is on your fabric! While there are many steps to the process, at Express Press, we’re here to make this process easy, fun and quick, whether you need 2 t-shirts or 100 hats! Call us today to have this awesome process done for you fast and affordably! 417-869-3849


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