Custom Screen Printing for Your Summer Plans

Summer Vacation, Summer Camp, Summer Sports, and Custom Screen Printing

Summertime is a very special season that has a way of holding it’s own sort of magical moments than can only be created during these few short months. These special moments can happen in so many places in various ways. Maybe you want to sign up your children — and even your whole family or maybe your sports team — for a day, week or month long summer camp. Maybe your idea of adventure is to be out on a family vacation, hiking to a special place. Maybe it’s staying at your annual campsite or traveling by car to historical monuments. Maybe your memories will be made by taking a trip somewhere you have never been but have always dreamed about. Or maybe you will join a church group and go on a mission trip or complete a group training with your company. You can participate in new activities, meet new people, discover new friends and travel to new places.

Custom Summer Shirts Can Make Your Favorite Memories Last

As with all things, the magical times will pass and you will move into another season, but when Summer comes to a close, your memories don’t have to be stored away with your shorts, tank tops, team uniforms, and swimsuits. Instead of storing your memories in photo albums up on a shelf, display them out in the open for all to see. Express Press can help you preserve your cherished memories with custom screen printing or embroidery specifically tailored to what you want. With no minimum order, you can have that camp t­shirt, mission trip hat, cooking class apron, or vacation blanket embroidered with whatever you want. So, go make those memories and when you get back we will be here to help assist you in preserving those memories so they last a lifetime. Another great part of Summer is the sports activities.
Summer sports are fun for kids and adults alike. Whether you’re in charge of a school sports team or city-wide cheerleading squad, you’ll need uniforms for your players to wear. Express Press offers a number of summer sport teams T-shirts that you can customize for your group. You just have to decide which one is right for you.

How to Choose Your Summer Sport Team T-Shirts

Follow the tips below to learn how to choose your summer sports T-shirts.
1 – Search by Sport
Perhaps the easiest way to narrow down your options for sports T-shirts is to look for designs based on the sport you play. We have options ranging from football to lacrosse to gymnastics and more. You don’t necessarily have to get a shirt that depicts the sport you play, but that would give you a good starting point.
2 – Select Your Favorite Design
We have a variety of pre-made sports designs that you can use as a template for your team. You can use these to get a basic template for your shirts that you can customize later on. If you like elements from multiple designs, you can combine them in the next step.
3 – Customize Your Summer Sports T-Shirts
Customize your summer sports T-shirts in the Express Press Design Studio. You can access this through one of the pre-made designs on our site by clicking the “Design Now” button on the bottom right corner of the preview. In the design studio, you can do whatever you want with your design.
Change the colors in the shirt, the design, or individual design elements (example: text different than image)
Change the positioning of each design element
Change the artwork on the template or add to what is already there
Change the font used on the design
Upload your own images to add to the shirt
Add names and numbers to your shirts to identify individual players
Choose different types of products to put the design on
There is no limit to what you can do with your summer sports teams T-shirts. Start playing around with your options until you find a look you really like.
4 – Get Help from Our Designers
If you need help putting together your perfect sports team T-shirts, you can speak with one of our designers to get ideas for your team. We’ve helped hundreds of clients just like you find the shirts they need for their special event. We’ll work with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your design.
Now that you’re all squared away for your Summer sports program, what about your plans for camp?

Get Custom Silk Screen T Shirts in Time for Summer Camp

When Summer hits in Springfield, MO, thoughts turn to Summer camp! Before completing your final checklist, be sure to add custom silk screen T-shirts to the top of your list so you can give your campers a shirt they can have for years to come as a reminder of an unforgettable summer! Our custom designed shirts will get the job done. No matter what the theme, quantity, or style, you can be assured our screen printing services will exceed all of your expectations!
Created with your specific needs in mind, you can be sure that your camp is a memorable event. Whatever your summer theme, from Summer Safari or the Amazing Race, our shirts can reflect all your great ideas printed from one place! We print on all types of apparel items from t-shirts to tanks to athletic apparel. Need more than one design? We have super-competitive prices, so don’t worry about going crazy. Every order is custom tailored to what you want, so your campers will look back and remember their favorite experiences from each year’s summer camp! You can mix and match colors, sizes, and different items for those team competitions or cabin wars!
We are here to help make your Summer planning easy! Stress-free and always ready to print, we pride ourselves on quality service, competitive prices, and fast turnarounds year in and year out.
Whatever you’re doing in the Summer months, we can help. Give us a call today at (417) 869-3849!

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